50 Bucks & Rain of Candies!!


When I was a little kid may be 8 years old I wanted to grow up badly and become independent. I was not from a rich family and I used to feel humiliated when my classmates used to spend money on their birthdays. I was not allowed I could only distribute 1 candy to each classmate and that’s how my birthday used to go. Ahh!! I wanted to be rich and guess what my birthday was near. So I decided to make it better this time and I said to myself, “This year all my classmates are going to see the candies raining.” I was just 8 though but that is what I wanted.

After few days my mom came home from office and kept her purse on the bed. We had a guest at home and she was very happy because she got her salary that day. I was on cloud 9 because I got to steal her whole salary from her purse. I was so happy as I could buy uncountable packets of candies on my birthday. I stole 6000 bucks that day and I had no idea how much 6000 bucks were. I did not know a thing about money I was going crazy in my room that this time my friends are going to be amazed on the birthday.candy,color,rain,couple,destination,friend-78f547b5dd52d15a520c9d07499f1073_h

But just on the moment my uncle who was home asked for 1500 bucks from my mom and she came to the room looking for her purse. I got inside the blanket and she just screamed like anything, “Oh my god! Oh my god! My money.. I am dead my money is gone.” Oh god I was scared to death I got out of blanket and said that my sister came to the room and I saw her touching the purse. My mom was crying and screaming, “Get her back home right now” My dad got my sister back and my mom started interrogating my sister.Meanwhile I kept praying that my mom does not look at my bag as I hid the money there.

And then something happened my mom looked at my bag suddenly and asked, “Why the lunch box is still in your bag?” I ran to the bag with shaky legs and said, “No!! its not the lunch box my bag looks like that.” Mom took it from me opened it and then. Imagine yourself I stole her whole salary. It was a rain of slaps when I wanted to watch the rain of candies. After an hour my mom felt too bad and came to me. She apologized and said, “These 6000 bucks they are my life I am educating you, feeding you, entertaining you and protecting you with these 6000 bucks. I am sorry to hurt you but you need to understand that this is a huge amount of money. By the way what you wanted to do with this much money?”

“I wanted to see my friends enjoying the rain of candies on my birthday. I wanted to stand on the table in the middle of my classroom and throw candies to all friends.” I said while crying. She went away and came back with a 50 rupee note. She said, “This will give you what you want.” And yes that 50 Rupee note made my birthday the most memorable. Me and my  family will never forget this 50 bucks story.



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  1. teaismyjam says:

    What a touching story. 🙂

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    1. thank you so much…your comment means a lot..god bless you..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. teaismyjam says:

        You’re welcome. 😃

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